Creative Communities

Creative Communities


Do you have a child that loves to create? I have specialised in children’s education and bring a wealth of experience and expertise.

Let me design a series of classes based on your child’s own interests. Ranging from school incursions and workshops, individual tuition, small groups of friends for creative classes and term-long explorations. The Creative Teacher will nurture your child’s creativity, love of learning, joyful exploration and connection to the world around them.

Every child is unique so every session is too! Incorporating books and a focus on artworks including the masters, contemporary and Australian Indigenous artists. Your child will learn to view themselves as capable and creative whilst exploring numerous mediums. These can include clay, wire, fabric, recycled materials and traditional art mediums.

Your child will love my open-ended curious approach to art making.

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Creative Communities


Are you longing to create but are unsure how to begin? Silence your inner critic and come to a class which is all about embracing your child within and freeing up your creativity!

Options range from corporate wellbeing sessions, conferences, weekly classes, workshops,  small groups, long term explorations  and  individual tuition. Tailored specifically to your interests, ‘The Creative Teacher’ can support your exploration in traditional fine art mediums as well as crafts such as sewing, knitting, crochet and weaving. Possibilities also include open-ended process focused experiences  including land art, abstract art, sculpture and whimsical creation.

With the intention of teaching the underlying skills required for each artform initially, everyone is then encouraged to unleash! There is no one right way and the joy of learning and self discovery is always the focus. Your artwork will be totally unique to you.

I come to your business, venue, community facility, gallery, outdoors or home as well as the more traditional workshop spaces.

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Creative Communities


Do you want to support your teaching team in their work on creativity with children? The Creative Teacher has over twenty years of experience teaching children, adults, teachers and supervising university education students. In addition, my NSW teaching award acknowledges the appreciation and respect that my colleagues have for me, of which I am extremely honoured.

Having spent the past fifteen years deepening my understanding and knowledge of the teaching expertise from Reggio Emilia, I am a passionate advocate for creating a rich learning environment full of natural, recycled and found objects as well as high quality open-ended resources and art materials.

With a strength-based focus and using interests as a platform, I create inspiring  conferences, workshops, presentations and staff meetings encouraging joy, foundational skills and a passion for learning and collaboration.

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