Testimonials from delighted clients

Dr Max. University Lecturer, Anthropology.

“Michelle’s enthusiasm and passion for art and creation is matched only by her professionalism and organisation. An exceptional and gifted teacher, Michelle inspired our students at Macquarie University to consider not only their creative potential, but also a philosophy of accessibility to art making – throughout her workshop, Michelle empasised the value of each individual’s creative instincts, instilling confidence and joy in the classroom. Michelle left us with the very positive notion that anyone can be an artist in their own way”.

Wendy. Senior Organisation Development Consultant.

“Michelle delivered an outstanding workshop for our staff as part of our Wellbeing Month. The staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves and Michelle was very well organised and professional in her approach. When staff arrived, the room set up itself was “a work of art” and set the scene for a truly fun and engaging workshop. I would highly recommend Michelle if you are looking for something fun and creative for staff to do – her workshops will be a great addition to your Staff Wellbeing Program”.

Taneal. CELA: Teacher Training Organisation.

“Michelle presented two workshops at our ‘Create’ conference for Early Childhood educators. Her professionalism and kind hearted nature was absolutely amazing. Michelle was so easy to communicate with and was so flexible and accomodating when we were faced with a little hiccup with the layout of the conference. I received so much positive feedback from ‘The Creative Teacher’ workshops and all the delegates absolutely loved them! Thank you to Michelle for her hard work in bringing two outstanding workshops to the ‘Create’ conference”.

Nikki. Director and owner Early Childhood Centre.

“Michelle has set a true benchmark in the kind of employee that I am currently seeking. She has consistently demonstrated respect, sensitivity and compassion to others, comittment to individual children’s care and learning, trustworthiness to work independently without supervision, shown support and inspiration to others in their work and worked tirelessly to create a stimulating, challenging, responsive, supportive and fun learning environment”.

Kate. Assistant Director, Community Preschool.

“Michelle leads by example and constantly maintains professionalism. This is inspiring for staff and Michelle has the gift of making each task, experience or problem seem doable and solvable. Michelle’s kind approach with staff is also reflected in her understanding and helpful nature. She is respectful of culture, race, gender and skill  level, valuing each team member as important as each other”.

Nichola. Teacher, Parent and environmental artist, The Bowerbird Herd.

“Hi Michelle, Thank you for this incredible resource (SWAP NESA Aligned Educational Resource) which I read through yesterday and then needed to look you up to say thank you! It is so well written, perfectly structured, informative and useful for teachers and students”.

Belle. Parent to a five year old girl.

“I would like to thank you for being such an active listener in her life, for coaching her and praising her, for getting to know her needs and dreams and for being a part of her personality and where it is growing. Please never take for granted the wonderful impact you have on our children and the beautiful energy you have in the way you go about your work”.

Irene. Aged Care Resident and regular art attendant.

“You bring so much enthusiasm to your class and we all love coming. You bring us joy and give meaning to our lives. Thank you for doing what you do, I love it when you come here”.

Orla. Parent to a five year old boy.

“Your ability to nurture and encourage every little one and help them grow in confidence and stretch their minds and open their eyes to all the beauty around them is a true gift. As for the ability to always be patient and calm, finding the positive and not losing your nut ever – you seriously need to write the book. I’ll be the first in the queue for the signed copy”.

Ema and Nick. Parents to a four year old girl.

“This letter is to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and a positive inspiration in (my daughter’s) life. She talks about you a lot and tells me about your little talks. I am very proud of the fact that you take an interest in her culture by listening to her talk. We will miss your welcoming smile…but we feel blessed that you have been a part of our family. Ofa Lahi Atu”.